7 Crowdfunding Sites for Non-Profit Organizations

As a non-profit you plug your revenue right back into your organization to further achieve your purpose and mission. But whether your organization provides much-needed services

As a non-profit you plug your revenue right back into your organization to further achieve your purpose and mission. But whether your organization provides much-needed services to communities either locally or globally, fundraising is always on your mind.   

Crowdfunding – another way to fundraise

Traditional fundraising options are good. But in today’s digital age finding alternative financial routes to grow your organization’s revenue, is crucial. Crowdfunding platforms and sites are online services that may handle financial transactions, provide services such as media hosting, social networking and/or facilitating contact with contributors. This style of fundraising can enable your organization to substantially widen their net and reach individuals you may otherwise have never come in contact with.

Here are 7 crowdfunding sites especially geared to non-profit organizations:

  1.     FirstGiving


FirstGiving is one of the oldest crowdfunding sites around and it’s  dedicated to non-profit organizations, and offers event fundraising and event ticketing that integrate with Eventbrite. They also offer a direct donation button to your organization’s website, making donations that much easier for contributors. Not only is FirstGiving dedicated to helping your organization raise funds, but they really want to help newbies learn how to be successful at crowdfunding. The support they offer includes webinars, ebooks and a fundraising blog, so this really is a helpful website in more ways than one.

  1.     Classy


Classy is a fundraising platform for social impact organizations that helps fund causes such as cutting-edge health programs and educational advancement. This site is suitable for year-round campaigns, one-off events and/or peer-to-peer fundraising. Classy offers an all-in-one fundraising management platform, peer-to-peer fundraising pages, fundraising event ticket and registration, as well as fully customizable online donation forms. It also offers a customized mobile platform, allowing you to keep abreast of your campaign whenever and wherever.

  1.     Catapult


This crowdfunding site specifically funds non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting girls’ and women’s equality and rights. This is a unique style of crowdfunding, called ‘partner-based’ crowdfunding. They connect contributors (both individuals and companies) to partner NGOs to achieve specific projects.  In their words, their goal is “to transform individual generosity into the power of shared, collective action”. Catapult chooses projects on a yearly basis, and contributors can decide where to place their donations. This is a truly innovative and impactful crowdfunding site.

  1.     Kriticalmass


This unique site hosts a crowd-support community that is dedicated to bringing ideas to life. Instead of focusing solely on financial aid, Kriticalmass begins their involvement with a project from the idea stage. Project creators advertise their ideas, then individuals and/or organizations can choose to “support” the project with any resource, expertise or skill that they have to offer (this can include funding, volunteering or promotion). When the project reaches a “critical mass”, support and rewards are exchanged and the project begins. This allows people who may be financially strapped to meaningfully become involved in worthy projects that they may otherwise be unable to contribute to by dedicating resources they do possess. A great and inspiring site.

  1.     StartSomeGood


Touted as a crowdfunding site for non-profits, entrepreneurs and changemakers, StartSomeGood is dedicated to connecting the people with the tools to transform their ideas into action. StartSomeGood offers a unique “tipping point” model of hitting a goal, where they calculate the point whereby a project has raised enough money to get something done – this model is different than the usual “all or nothing” or “keep what you raise” schemes in that it allows you to aim for a high target without risking losing all your money. While this site isn’t exclusively aimed at non-profit organizations, they only back projects dedicated to creating positive social change locally and/or globally.

  1.  Kiva


This site eliminates the middleman by directly linking people needing loans as small as $25 with people willing to lend money to support and finance their specific project. This crowdfunding site is different than the others in that it’s aimed at providing loans rather than donations. You choose a borrower by reading stories of carefully-vetted people looking to grow businesses, go to school, switch to clean energy, etc. You can then follow your borrower as they progress through their project and ultimately repay the loan you provided. It’s a great way to use the power of microfinancing to support individual empowerment, and you may even get to recycle your original donation to continue your good works indefinitely. This site offers the lender a very personal connection to their particular project, and we all know that personal engagement is a fantastic way to draw your audience in and keep their attention (and money!).

  1.  CauseVox


CauseVox is an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform for social good that allows interested parties to create their own, fully-customizable website to raise funds without a developer. They offer a support centre as well as fundraising tips to help you best achieve your goals. While they don’t handle your money, they do allow you to professionally tailor your web platform and therefore your message, without the need for the involvement of a third party. This can be a very helpful and useful tool on your non-profit crowdfunding journey.

Which crowdfunding sites do you use? Let us know in the comments below.