The 7 Best-of-the-Best Blogs Every Non-Profit Must Follow

“Social media is a contact sport.” – Margaret Molloy You may have never thought about it this way, but blogging is a social media activity. If

“Social media is a contact sport.” – Margaret Molloy

You may have never thought about it this way, but blogging is a social media activity. If you want to work smarter, understand your community better and grow the dimensions of good your organization is doing, you’ll have to get off that bench and become engaged.

By following these best-of-the-best blogs for non-profits you’ll be learning from the finest in the field. These professionals have vast experience and deep insights and they’re sharing them to make our world a better place.

It’s time for your organization to score more contacts, learn new techniques and win your social media game by following these best-of-the-best blogs:

1. Beth Kanter’s Blog – Beth shares her extensive experience and rich knowledge in this exceptional blog. Read it to keep up-to-date about pressing issues in the non-profit world, learn from the rising stars and keep up with the latest trends, ideas and books. This is the most important non-profit blog to be reading, so if it’s not already on your list, add it to your Feedly now.


2. Allison Fine – Keeping up and understanding social media is a must. Follow Allison’s blog to learn about the social media revolution, Matterness and what your organization can do to be heard.


3. Huffpost Impact – Huffpost Impact focuses on the awe-inspiring difference individuals around the world are making to society. Get ready to cheer the giving human spirit and learn about new ways your organization can make an impact.


4. Ntegrity – is an Australian-based digital agency that empowers brands to become digital. Their blog, however, often focuses on non-profits and provides important and even crucial insights into what changes non-profits can make to become more effective.


5. Kivi’s Non Profit Communications Blog – This invaluable blog will provide your organization with how-to guidance, marketing and fundraising trends, insights and tips, helping you to make the best decisions that will grow your non-profit’s marketing and fundraising initiatives.


6. Waxing UnLyrical – Shonali Burke is a champion PR and social media expert who encourages non-profit organizations to work towards getting concrete values from their marketing campaigns. Her blog Waxing UnLyrical, will provide you with insight into everything to do with PR, social media and analytics. By following her blog your organization will become more metric-focused on community-building initiatives as well as keep up-to-date on the latest social and marketing trends.


7. Pam Moore – “The Marketing Nut” – While not specific to non-profits, your organization must follow this super-important blog. Pam Moore is one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Women and a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer. To stay relevant and ensure the success of your organization’s social media initiatives, you absolutely must follow Pam’s blog.


What best-of-the-best blogs does your organization follow? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.