Starting a business is a goal of well over half of Americans, but it is often easier said than done. Not only do you need to come up with a great idea, but you need to have the capital to start it up. This will include finding a location, creating the product and more.

From there, you need to actually get people to care and become invested in your business. Getting people to become paying customers is often one of the most difficult parts of starting a business, and is where many entrepreneurs give up hope.

Many believe promoting your business takes a ton of money and a ton of work, and that is only half true. They’re right in that it can take a lot of time and work to promote a business, but money? Not so much. With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few different ways to promote your business when you are on a budget or short on money.

Create Amazing Content

While this often isn’t free (as you will have to do it yourself or pay someone to do it), there are few better ways to promote your company than by creating content. Whether this is in the form of articles, infographics or videos, content is a good way to bring people in, and show them your creativity.

You should aim to put out content quite frequently, and make sure that it always brings value to your potential customer, or shows them how your company can bring them value. Early on, doing the content yourself if often a good idea, to save money, but you can outsource later on at some point if you feel it is a worthwhile investment. While simply creating content is solid, you should aim for it to have the potential to go viral, which will bring much for eyes to your company.

Cross Promotion

This is a good way for not only one, but two companies to promote their business, without a lot of money changing hands. Cross promotion can come in many forms such as guest posts, shoutouts, interviews and so much more. It can be a good way to reach a whole new group of people that you might never have gotten the opportunity to get in front of.

Most of the time, cross promotion is a simple one for one trade, but even if you have to spend a little money to cross promote with a larger brand or company, sometimes that can be worth it, too. Of course, you will want to pay close attention to various different metrics after the cross promotion, to see if it is a viable use of company time, effort and money.

Build and Use an Email List

While this won’t happen overnight, having and using an email list is an awesome way to promote your business or brand without spending an arm and a leg. It can take some time to build your email list up, but it’s worth it. Getting people to sign up isn’t always easy, so consider giving away a free guide, e-book or how-to manual that your target market will find useful.

This list should be populated with a lot of current customers and potential leads. The emails that you send out should have some value in themselves, but should also try and entice those who read them to visit your website or company for services. Creating and managing an email list is quite affordable and for what you can get out of it in terms of promotion, it really is a no brainer.

Video Introduction

Many company websites are full of just walls of text and maybe the odd photo. If you want to add something to your website or social media account, videos are a great way to do so. Not only that, but having an introductory video is a fantastic way to show that there are real people behind the company. Of course, people know there is, but it helps them connect more when they can see them and hear from them.

The video can really be anything you want it to be. Some choose to introduce their staff, some answer the question of “how does our agency actually work?”, and some create a short and shareable promo video. What you choose to create is up to you, but a video is a great way to show some personality.

Use an Email Signature

An email signature is something that people underestimate, but is really a powerful tool for promoting yourself or your business on a budget. Many of us send dozens of emails a day, whether to clients, coworkers or friends. While the content of the email is what gets most of the attention, you’ve likely spent some time checking out their email signature, as well.

An email signature can be full of whatever information you want and can let those you email know about your business, or other important information. You can include anything you want in an email signature, and you can be sure people are going to see it. While you don’t want to make it too bulky, a link to your site or a specific piece of content is often a good use of the space. Try using a free email signature maker like WiseStamp and be sure to see some winning email signature examples to get inspired.

In conclusion, we hope that this article helped you learn some new ways to promote your business to the masses.

Ashley Lipman is a marketing and SEO specialist at

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