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How to add a quote to your Outlook signature

A 1 minute guide for all versions of Outlook – web apps and desktop apps

Create a quote email signature
how to add a quote to outlook signature

The fastest way to add a quote to Your Outlook email signature is to use an email signature generator. It only takes 2 minutes, stay with me and we’ll go through the steps shortly.

  1. Go to Wisestamp signature editor’s quote add-on > and choose a quote you like (or add your own)
  2. Go over to the Details tab and add your signature information
  3. You can now go through the next task and add social links, choose a template, and customize your design.
  4. Click on the green “OK, I’m done” button and we’ll set up your signature in any Outlook version you currently use
Add quote to Outlook email signature - wisestamp

Outlook signature with “Quote of the day” | WiseStamp email signature addon

Manually add a quote to your Outlook signature

To manually add a quote to your Outlook signature you simply add it as an additional row of text at the bottom of your signature (with quotation marks of course).  If you still haven’t made a signature go through our guides on how to create an email signature in Outlook. 

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