how to add an email disclaimer to outlook signature

How to add a disclaimer to your Outlook signature (Office 365 & desktop)

A 1 minute guide for all versions of Outlook – web apps and desktop apps

Create a disclaimer email signature

Adding a disclaimer to your Outlook is fairly simple. It’s no more than adding another line of text to the bottom of your current signature. 

You have 2 ways to do this, either manually adds text using the integrated Outlook signature editor or use an HTML email signature generator to create your signature’s code and styling for you.

Manually add a disclaimer

To manually add a disclaimer to your Outlook go to your Outlook editor and add the disclaimer at the bottom of your current signature in plain text. 

If you still don’t have a signature follow our guides for making a new Outlook signature and add the disclaimer line at the bottom. You can also get some disclaimer ideas here.

Add a disclaimer using an HTML email signature generator

The fastest and best way to add a disclaimer to any Outlook version (Office 365, OWA, and all desktop apps) is by using a generator. It will save you a lot of manual work and does not require any understanding of code or design in order to create a beautiful, professional signature.


  1. Open the Wisestamp email signature disclaimer add-on and choose the type of disclaimer to require > click the blue “Add” button to add the disclaimer to your new signature
  2. Go to the Details tab and add your personal and professional information
  3. Upload a photo of you are your company logo and add social links (if needed)
  4. Click the green “OK, I’m done” button at the bottom right of the editor. We’ll install your new disclaimer signature in your Outlook
how to add disclaimer in Outlook office 365 2

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