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jd candidate email signature

Your JD email signature must reflect your professional image while providing the recipient with easy access to your contact information. 

What to include in a professional email signature for JD candidate

  1. Name: Use your middle initial as recent studies show that a middle initial is associated with higher intelligence
  2. Degree
  3. University or other academic institution
  4. Honors (optional)
  5. Link to CV
  6. Photo / Logo: Although optional, it is highly recommended to display a photo giving your email signature more personal touch. People like to be reminded that there’s a real live person on the other side of the email. If the goal of the email is to brand your business, a logo may be more appropriate.
  7. Social media links: Provide easy access to your social profiles ( LinkedIn and Twitter are recommended) enabling the recipient to get a deeper look into your personality and activity beyond your CV. But make sure it’s your social media is showing you in a good light.

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