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Create your teacher email signature in 7 easy steps

Get a professional teacher email signature that you can be proud of (in under 5 minutes)

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teacher email signature

Short answer

What should a teacher email signature include?

  • Your name
  • Your workplace name
  • Your job title
  • Direct phone number
  • Personal page on your workplace’s website (if you have one)
  • Linkedin link
  • A picture of you (A high-quality headshot photo facing front – like passport picture format)
  • The logo of your workplace  (to download it just Google the name + logo, e.g. “Yale logo”)

What is a teacher email signature?

A teacher email signature acts as your digital appearance while communicating by email. People may view your email signature as a way to infer your professionalism. So, having a beautiful teacher signature will convey the right message.

How to create your teacher email signature in 7 simple steps

If you’re like most working teachers you probably communicate a lot over email, whether it is with your co-workers, your supervisors, or with parents. You likely want to make a positive and professional impression on all these people.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to know HTML code or how to design in Photoshop in order to give yourself the most amazing email footer. You don’t need to do any complicated manual installation in your Gmail, Outlook, etc.

All you need to do is use Wisestamp’s free email signature builder and you’ll have a beautiful email signature in your email message box in a few short minutes.


Open Wisestamp’s signature generator

If you’re not quite ready to start making your email signature and you want to get a bit of inspiration, go browse our teacher email signature gallery at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, start now.


Add signature info

Add your personal and professional information in the Details tab. 

It would help your readers and prospects if you avoid general and generic job descriptions like “teacher” or even “high school teacher” and add specific information about your exact field of expertise (e.g. “8th-grade math teacher”.

It would also help if you add direct contact information instead of a central office landline and info@example.mail.com

create your teacher email signature in 5 minutes


Add social media icons

Go over to the Social tab and add your Linkedin profile link.

Linkedin is a great way to give your readers a thread to pull on and find out more about your professional accreditation.

add linked link in to your teacher email signature


Choose your signature layout

Go over to the Templates tab and choose a template you like from the available options.

choose a template for your teacher email signature


Enrich your signature with add-ons

Jump over to the Add-ons tab and choose an add-on you think will enrich your signature.

Consider an inspirational quote, a video of an activity you headed at the school, or maybe a green footer to raise awareness about the ecosystem.

add quote - green footer - video and more to your teacher email signature

Your signature will look like this:

Make it yours
Teacher email signature example with youtube movie
Make it yours
kindergarten teacher email signature with a banner


Review your signature

Review your completed signature and click the green button – “OK, I’m Done”.

install your teacher email signature with 1-click


Connect your new signature to your email platform

Choose the type of email you use and click Continue.

That’s it, we’ll take it from here, your signature will automatically be placed into your email message box.

automatically inject teacher email signature into your email

Congrats on your new professional email signature!

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