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Make the best assistant email signature: top 6 tips

Get tips, see real-life examples of email signatures for assistants, and create your own amazing signature in 5 minutes or less

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Assistants need to have a professional email signature to reflect their role and properly represent their organization or employer.

We’ve assembled some basic tips for you to get it right and get it fast. Read this guide to the end and you can have a beautiful professional assistant email signature with little effort. If you’re not looking for tips, just jump to the signature templates below.

What an assistant email signature includes

  1. When adding your name use your middle initial, as recent studies show that people associate a middle initial with higher intelligence.
  2. Add your niche to your job title. That is, be specific with regard to your field of expertise.
  3. Add a Photo / Logo to your signature. Although optional, it is highly recommended to display a photo giving your email signature more of a personal touch. People like to be reminded that there’s a real live person on the other side of the email. If you’re representing your boss in your email correspondence consider adding your company logo. If you’re searching for a new job, putting up a respectable logo may improve your chances.
  4. Mix and match colors to brand your signature. That way you can be in sync with your workplace’s branding scheme.
  5. Provide easy access to your social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) enabling the recipient to stay connected with you or your school on a professional and social level. You can do this in just 2 clicks using our email signature builder.
  6. Don’t display your email address as your email is readily available to the recipient. If they want to reply, they will just hit ‘reply’ in their email message box.