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college student email signature

Note: this guide was written for college and university students – undergraduates, graduates, masters, and Ph.D. students alike

Short answer

What should a student email signature include?

  1. Full Name
  2. College and Year Graduated
  3. Your Picture (in high-quality)
  4. Direct phone number
  5. Website and/or Social Network Sites
  6. A link to your CV

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grad student email signature template with CV

Student email signature example

How students like you are using their email signature to get ahead

In WiseStamp we have many thousands of students using WiseStamp email signature generator. Most students make admirably smart use of their signatures. You can do the same.

What you can do with your student email signature:

  • Grow your professional network with social buttons
  • Communicate your academic accomplishments
  • Let people know when you are looking for a job
  • Let people know when you are looking for an internship
  • Brand yourself by appearing professional and showcasing your style

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General guidelines for making the best student email signature

As a student, your communication is centered around emails to professors, researchers, fellow students, potential employers, and many more. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a good first impression. You won’t get a second chance.

No matter if you’re a college student, a university student, or studying for your bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree, you can get more out of your email correspondence and create a great lasting impression with a professional student email signature.

To get the best results from your email signature make sure to do the following:

Add only the most relevant contact information

Add only essential info to learn about your expertise and how to get in touch with you. To save space and avoid wasting people’s time and attention with useless information add the following only:

What to include in your student email signature?

  1. Full Name
    You want to make sure your employer knows who you are.
  2. College and Year Graduated
    Plain and simple, let your employer know where you studied and what year you graduated (if you’ve graduated).
  3. Your Picture (in high-quality)
  4. Studies show that adding a photo of yourself significantly increases the chances of getting a reply. But the photo has to make a credible and professional impression.
  5. Direct phone number
    This is another way for your employer to get in touch with you – the more ways to reach you, the better.
  6. Website and/or Social Network Sites
    This is a great way to show your employer who you are and add a personal touch to your email signature.

Use attention-grabbing, dynamic, and clickable content

There are ways to load your grad student email signature (or any other student signature for that matter) with extra firepower. Wisestamp offers every feature and add-on you can dream of. But for the sake of staying focused we’ll cover 3 powerful additions to any university email signature.

Add things like a scheduler button to schedule a meeting with you, a Youtube video in which you present a subject, or a button to see your CV. These will pull people in and add depth that you could never achieve within your student signature block.

1) Add a button with a link to your CV your LinkedIn

If you’re getting close to graduation or if you’re already working during your Masters or Ph.D., it could really help to add your CV to your student email signature to get as many eyes as possible to see it. You never know where your next big break could come from.

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student email signature example

2) Add social media icons and buttons

Adding social media buttons to your college email signature can really help grow your professional network. 

For example, include a button to your LinkedIn profile so that your email recipients can easily access more information about your academic background and accomplishments. 

Do you have examples of your work on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Then add buttons for those pages as well. 

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college student email signature example-min

Student email signature example with YouTube video thumbnail

3) Use clickable banners

Adding a clickable banner to your graduate student email signature is also a great way to highlight important achievements, upcoming events, and announcements. 

Have you been published in an academic journal? Then drive clicks to your published work with a banner in your email signature! Or maybe you’re looking for a summer job, fellowship, full-time employment, or some other type of opportunity? 

Use a banner to announce your search and get leads. You can link your email signature banner to any URL you choose. 

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email signature for graduate student

4) Add an image or GIF

One of the most important elements to add to your grad student email signature is a photo. 

Email signatures with photos get more clicks and engagement than those without.  It also makes your email more memorable and can add a personal touch. 

What kind of image should you add? 

The best option is a professional headshot of yourself. If you aren’t comfortable adding a photo of yourself, then add one of your university or college emblems. 

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then it’s even better to add a GIF to your graduate student email a signature. It’s easy too! A GIF is simply photos that animate. 

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undergraduate email signature example-min

How to use your student email signature for job hunting

Email signatures can also make a huge impact on your job search and on future employers. With your email signature you can brand yourself for the field you desire to work in – and you can start your research by checking out some email signature examples for your future profession, or browsing the student email signature templates we’ve collected for you.

For students, an email signature is a great way to show your potential employers a glimpse of what you offer and make an added impression of professionalism when you send out your CV or cover letter.

The last impression is the lasting impression, so it’s a good thing your email signature appears at the closing of your email.  This will make sure that you stand out from the crowd when applying for internships, fellowships, and employment.

Some cool stats about email signatures:

  • Email signatures increase clicks within your emails by 22%
  • Email signatures increase your social reach by 10%
  • Emails with an email signature  get 32% more replies
Cool professional college student email signature stats

Professional college student email signature stats

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