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Engineer email signature – Rules & examples for great results

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engineer email signature

As a professional and as an engineer you rely on first impressions to gain trust and turn a prospect into a customer. That’s why it’s important that you create an email signature that reflects your professionalism and integrity.

A successful email signature for engineers should include the basic knowledge about your skills and the essential info for how to contact you, read on to see how it’s done.

What to include in an engineer email signature

  • Full name: Use your middle initial as recent studies show that a middle initial is associated with higher intelligence
  • Job title: In your title, be specific regarding your field. If applicable, don’t forget to put a Ph.D. after your name.
  • Company name: adding the company name will help your brand grow if it’s still starting out. and help increase your credibility of it’s a known brand in your locale.
  • Photo / Logo: It is highly recommended that you display a photo. This will give your email signature more personal touch. People like to be reminded that there’s a real live person on the other side of an email. If the goal of the email is to brand your business, a logo may be more appropriate
  • Social media icons: Provide easy access to your social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) enabling your recipient to stay connected with you on a professional and social level.
  • Website address: Include the name of the company you work for/own, and if applicable, its logo and website
  • Email: Displaying your email address is optional as your email is readily available to the recipient and if he wants to reply, he will just hit ‘reply’ and therefore doesn’t need it as a point of reference for communication.

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