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photographer email signature

Looking professional in your email footer will land more jobs, get higher quality clients, and get paid more for his work. And there’s research to back up what I’m telling you.

3 Golden tips for a photographer email signature that generates leads

If you’re a talented photographer you’d better be doing your best to present yourself through your email footer. Let’s see how.


Use minimalist design for your signature

A flat clean design with lots of white space has been shown to create immediate trust. How immediate? about 50 ms. This is true especially for Millenials (you can read more about it here).

What to do in practice?

  • Add the bare minimal contact information that your readers will need in order to get in contact directly
  • Add only the conventional professional info, such as full name, job title, and company name.
  • Use a clear informational hierarchy, like putting your name in large font size and making your information label (phone, email, website, etc.) in Bold. Also start with the important info first and work down to the least important.
  • Divide your signature into different sections using line dividers or different backgrounds.
  • Use plenty of white space to let the information “breath” and help the different sections stand out.
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Free email signature block template for photographers and film makers

Minimalist photographer email signature template by WiseStamp


Adding social media to your new email signature will not only make you look great, it will also give your clients opportunities to engage with you further. There is so much to tell about this little subject that we’ve made an entire guide for it – read it here.

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professional photographer email signature example with Instagram images

Photographer signature with WiseStamp’s Instagram gallery add-on


Encourage leads with a direct Call-to-action

You can add or remove features to make each of your signatures unique and make smart use of CTAs to engage specific kinds of readers. Read our article on CTA email signatures to learn much more about the CTA options, possibilities, and best practices.

BTW, if your prospects and friends engage differently than your clients you may want to have different signatures for your different email addresses, or even for the same address. You can do this in no time with our email signature maker.

Make it yours
Free email signature template for photographers with call to action banner

Photographer email signature example with designed banner

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