In order to have a successful blog in 2020, there are many crucial elements that content writers must follow. Having a high-quality blog post is not enough to gain readers. Don’t get me wrong having high-quality content is important but there must be more to your blog than just good content. If by any chance you are struggling with creating high-quality content you may enjoy this article.

If you’re going to write a blog, you need readers for it. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t have readers, then the effort you’re putting into the writing is more or less for nothing. Fortunately, you can get readers quite easily. There is a low-cost solution with high returns called the “email signature.”

If you didn’t know what email signatures are, they are electronic business cards that are set up by users to marketing there company.

You’ll notice that there is a name, a title, a company name, a web address, and business contact information there. There may also be other types of information, such as disclaimers and other contact information that includes social networking and instant messaging IDs.

Rory Gilmore Email Signature

How can an email signature promote your blog?

When you’re emailing thousands of individuals throughout the week, your email signature is always attached. Just sending out an email with your signature can increase the chances of individuals, clicking on your blog link. If you don’t have the time to carry out heavy blog promotion, then this is a way for you to tackle two birds with one stone. By sending out any business email you are indirectly promoting your blog. In turn, this will drive traffic to your blog even if you are already getting a good amount of traffic, this can increase the rate.

However, it is important that you make sure your email signature is not a disaster. Do not pack your signature with a lot of information, you may feel like you have to tell your email recipients about EVERYTHING but it will just end up causing confusion.

There are ways that you can condense information, such as creating a page on your blog or your website that has a list of the social platforms that you are located on. Instead of listing them all in your signature, you can insert one link that goes to that page.

Your email signature gives you added exposure to the world. This is because you can include information in it that would not be included in the body of the email or it could ruin the message you are trying to convey there. Email signatures are beneficial in that you don’t have to type them over and over. They are automatically synced into your generator.

What a content writer should take into consideration when creating an email signature

  1. Name: Use your full name, including your middle name. Recent studies show that providing your full name is associated with higher intelligence.

  2. Title: In your title, be specific regarding your field. If applicable, don’t forget to add what type of writing you do.

  3. Link: Include the name of the company you work for/own, This does not mean giving your email recipients your home number. This means giving them your business contact information. Make sure that your blog promotion includes more than one blog post.

  4. Email: Displaying your email address is optional as your email is readily available to the recipient, if they want to reply, they will just hit the ‘reply’ button.

  5. Photo/Logo: Although this is optional, it is highly recommended to display a photo giving your email signature more personal touch. People like to be reminded that there’s a real live person on the other side of the email. If the goal of the email is to market your blog, a logo may be more appropriate.

  6. Social media information should be included because individuals may want to converse with you through other platforms. However, don’t include links to every social media website you are a member of. You can create a page on your website that lists those accounts and they can link to you that way. This is so you’re only listing one link and not 10 or more. A person can become overwhelmed with links, which will keep them from clicking on a single one of them.

  7. Add- Ons: be sure to include contests and other special offers in your email signature because this increases interest. When you do this, you are more likely to bring traffic to your website or blog.
call to actions icons from Wisestamp

These are very important elements of your email signature. But if you’re still unsure how to construct it on your own, you can get some help from a program such as WiseStamp.

Wisestamp is a firefox extension that allows you to add/ customized email signature to your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL Mail, Hotmail account, and more. You can also use multiple signatures in these email accounts to cover different promotions you may be doing. This is also necessary to customize your signature for whoever is going to be reading your emails.

For example, you may be into a number of different business ventures. You may have one blog that is dedicated to poetry and another blog that is dedicated to software technologies. Keep in mind that you may use the same email address for both, however, make sure that your email signature is coordinated properly according to each trade. This can do wonders for your reputations as a blogger/ writer and it will also increase traffic.


In other words, don’t go another day without having a great email signature to convey your marketing message. Whether it is to promote your blog or your website, you need to make sure that your audience is able to acquire what they need in order to reciprocate.

Email signature for Gmail in composer

It is important to never underestimate the power of the email signature, which is an extremely valuable marketing tool that every industry can benefit from. If you are a content creator, personal blogger, and or website owner, every email that you send with a signature will help you get your marketing job done.