The 13 Best Productivity Tools for Your Marketing Team

As Ghandi once said, “a productive team is a happy team.” Ok- I made that up, but the sentiment is still true. According to The American

As Ghandi once said, “a productive team is a happy team.”

Ok- I made that up, but the sentiment is still true.

According to The American Psychological Association, satisfaction from one’s job leads to a happier and longer life.  What causes job satisfaction? Well, that can be any number of things. Perhaps it’s because of a fantastic boss who gets you excited about going into work each day. Or  maybe it’s the high salary that gets transferred to your bank account each month.

Whatever the individual reasons are, you can be sure that the feeling of accomplishment and success that your employees experience when they complete a project and meet their goals makes their job more enjoyable.

Having the right productivity tools can make a big difference in how effectively your team works together and how well they succeed in their tasks.

Here are 13 of the best tools to help increase your marketing team’s productivity.

Google Apps for Work: Google offers pretty much all of the tools that your team needs to work together productively. Share calendars, store and share documents, participate in video meetings and collaborate on spreadsheets.


Google Apps for Work


WiseStamp for Business: Every email that gets sent out by your employees is a marketing opportunity, when you include an optimized email signature. In addition to each team member’s individual contact information, the signature can also include important details about the company and even a link to special promotional events that you want to spotlight.

But ensuring the each team member has not only set up a signature, but also designed it in a way that reflects your company’s brand, can be difficult and time consuming.  This is why WiseStamp for Business makes it possible for you to manage all aspects of your employees’ email signatures, from content to design, without having to disturb your hard-working staff.


AdTaxi Networks signature


Slack: Whether your team members are all in the same room or in different parts of the world, having a good chat interface is helpful for keeping the communication flowing. Discussions can take place in individual groups, or “channels,” divided by topics and projects, or in the general stream.

But Slack is not just a tool for real-time messaging, they also aim to eliminate your need for any other communication service, including Skype, Google Hangout, Google Apps, IMessage and SMS, by providing it all within their own platform. Plus, you can use Slack to share document or create posts.




UberConference – If your team included members that work remotely, video meetings are essential for maintaining communication and giving everyone a chance to have some face-t0-face time together, as a team. Uber-Conference offers free conference calling with an easy dial-in system that will help all your team meetings go smoothly.


Basecamp: Basecamp is one of the most widely used project management software, largely because it’s so easy to use and does its job so well. All discussions, scheduling and task assignments revolve around the project they are related to, and the projects can all be viewed in one central area.

Basecamp is particularly helpful in bringing together members of remote teams by making it easy to see what’s going on with all team members and providing quick updates on ongoing projects.



Droptask: This is a great task management tool for people that work best with visuals. Droptask’s approach to is to present your projects or goals as circular images into which other circles, representing the tasks, can be placed. Drag team members’ photos into a task to assign it to them and add subtasks, which will show up as lighted sections in the circle’s outer rim, where it will be tracked. With this system, the status of a project can be easily ascertained from a single glance.




iDoneThis: Nothing is as satisfying as composing a list of all the things that you accomplished throughout the day.  iDoneThis makes this easy by sending you an email at the end of each day, encouraging you to list all the tasks that you completed and goals that you met. As a tool for teams, this is a great way for team members to provide managers with a summary of each day’s work while also serving as a motivator, since you can see what your coworkers have accomplished.



Hootsuite: Manage all of your company’s social media networks from a single dashboard. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule posts, measure performance and organize Twitter followers.




CoSchedule– Get organized and save time by planning your publication calendar in advance and scheduling your social media shares at the same time that you write your blog articles.



Hightailit– Easily share folders and large files with your marketing team or clients, quickly and securely, by sending them with hightailit.



HelloSign: When you have documents that need to be signed, instead of making your recipient go through the hassle of printing them out, signing them and then sending them back, just use HelloSign. With HelloSign documents can be sent, signed and returned, all digitally, without leaving Gmail.



TimeDoctor: Once of the best ways to increase productivity is to track the time that you spent working, and examine the results at the end of the day. If you are shocked at how little you seem to have accomplished when your workday comes to an end, you may discover that you had visited Facebook a lot more frequently than you realized.

If you feel that your team could use a boost in their productivity levels, try having each member track their time with Time Doctor. Not only will it examine where their time is being spent but it also offers little reminders to get back to work, if the user happens to get a little distracted elsewhere. In addition, TimeDoctor offers team managers the option to take screen shots of their employee’s computer and get a summary of the websites that they visit throughout the day.




Canva: When you need a quick image for your blog post or Facebook update, instead of spending hours browsing through stock image sites, just go to Canva and make your own. Using their wide variety of graphics, fonts and templates, anyone can create an eye catching design in just a few minutes.




Right Inbox: More than 250,000 professionals use Right Inbox every day to increase their email productivity. Gmail extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets you schedule emails to be sent later and set reminders for follow-ups and create recurring emails.


Does your marketing team have a favorite productivity tool that you can’t do without? Tell us about it here!