If you use Outlook or Outlook.com as your email server, you can and should set up an outlook email signature (or multiple ones) for your email messages.

With Outlook, your signature can include text, images, your electronic business card, logo, or even an image of your handwritten signature. You can create an Outlook signature that is automatically added to all outgoing messages (i.e. “set it and forget it”) or you can create your signature and add it on a manual, as-needed basis.

Here is the step-by-step guide for how to set up your Outlook signature

How to add email signature in Outlook?

  1. Open new email message

  2. Go to message menu and select “Signatures”

  3. Click “New” and name your signature

  4. Insert your details, image and signature design

  5. Set signature as default

  6. Click “Ok”

Create your Outlook signature and choose when to add it to your Outlook email messages

Professional Email signature in outlook composer window
Use WiseStamp’s signature generator to easily create designed signature

Please note: If you have a Microsoft Office 365 account, and you use Outlook and Outlook.com or Outlook.com for business, you need to create an Outlook signature in both platforms (desktop and web). To create and use email signatures in Outlook.com, see this guide from Outlook.

Step 1

Open a new email message.

outlook signature

Step 2

Go to the “Message” menu and select Signature > Signatures

outlook email signature

Step 3

Under Select signature to edit, choose New, and in the New Signature dialog box, type a name for the new signature you are going to create.

outlook email signature

Step 4

Under Edit signature, compose your Outlook signature. You can adjust the font type, size, colors, as well as text alignment (see our article on choosing the best font for your email signature). You can use Word to format the text in your email signature if you want to add bullets, tables or borders. Then simply copy and paste the signature into the Edit signature box.

outlook email signature

Step 5

Go to Choose default signature and set the following options for your Outlook signature:

  • In the E-mail account drop-down box, select an email account to use with the signature. You can assign different signatures for each email account you have.
  • To have your signature automatically added to all new messages by default, select one of your signatures in the New messages drop-down box. If you don’t want to automatically add a signature to new messages, choose “none.” This option is only for new messages, not email replies or forwarding.
outlook email signature

If you want your signature to appear when you reply to and forward an email, select one of your Outlook signatures in the  Replies/forwards drop-down. Otherwise, accept the default option of “none.”

Save your new signature by choosing “OK” and return to your message. Outlook will not add your new signature to the first message you opened in Step 1, even if you chose to apply the signature to all new messages. You’ll have to add the signature manually to this specific message, however, all future messages will have the signature added automatically. To add the signature manually, go to the Message menu, select  Signatures and then pick the signature you just created.

Add a logo or image to your signature in Outlook

Adding an image to your signature increases engagement by 20%. So, don’t skip this important step when it comes to your Outlook email signature. You can add any image you like– a headshot or logo, for example.

  1. Open a new message and go to Signature > Signatures.
  2. In the Select signature to edit box, select the signature you want to add a logo or image to.
  3. Select the Image icon.  Locate your image file, and select Insert.
outlook email signature

You can resize your image by right-clicking it and choosing Picture. Select the Size tab and use the options to resize your image. To keep the image proportions, make sure that the Lock aspect ratio option is checked.

Right click>picture

outlook email signature

Size tab / size ration lock 

outlook email signature

When you’re done, select OK, then choose OK again to save the changes to your signature.

outlook email signature

Insert an Outlook signature manually

You don’t have to have your signature automatically appear for all new messages or replies and forwards. Instead, you can manually insert your Outlook signature when you want.

  1. Go to the Message tab within your email message and select Signature.
  2. Choose your signature from the drop-down menu that appears. If you have more than one signature, you can select any of the signatures you’ve created.
outlook email signature

The Easy option – Use a signature generator

Using a signature generator is a fast, effective and free way to create your Outlook signature or a signature for any email provider (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and more). You can create a stunning signature for your Outlook within minutes and install it within one click.

Simply go to the signature generator, enter your details, choose a template, upload an image, customize the look, and install within a click!