When you start growing your startup you might think about the tools you use to get your name out there. You might be trying out social media posting tools, content curation tools, SEO tools, and analytics tools, but your email signature? You’ve haven’t exactly made it a priority.

Maybe one of your team members (likely your head of marketing?) has designed a great looking, functional signature, but your sales team have a totally different version with different branding. Your programming team isn’t using the signature at all and your CTO has designed his own, totally inappropriate version, with dancing clowns and bad jokes.

Are you playing in the big leagues?

Social etiquette and branding expert Diane Gottsman says that a unified email signature shows that your  startup means business. According to Diane, it is crucial to “maintain a consistent signature line throughout the organization.”

While there is room for employee signatures to reflect individual accomplishments, the entire team should have a uniform look. If personal emails vary widely in appearance, it sends the message that the company is not playing in the big leagues.”

Email is still your startup’s primary method of communication

When you first start to get the word out about your startup you might still be a small team, but it is still important to develop a corporate branding strategy and messaging that explains who you are and what you do.

This branding differentiates you from your competition and explains to your potential users and investors why they should invest their time and their money in you.

Despite the explosive growth of social media and messaging apps, email is still the primary communication tool that  startups use to connect with current and potential users, investors and the media. This means that your startup branding must be consistent and professional, not just across your website and social media but also across all your email communication.

Consistency is key

One of the quirks of working at a startup is the frequent title changes.

If you work at a large corporation you might have the same title and office for five years, but five years at a startup can bring several changes of address, phone numbers and possibly several title changes too.

You might start out handling customer support, move into sales at a later point, and end up in business development. You might even be doing all of these things at the same time.

At Nomad, a successful international e-commerce startup, co-founder Brian Hahn found that implementing frequent signature changes became frustrating as the business grew and new employees came on board. Additionally, as in any startup, titles and roles went through changes, and managing signatures in a consistent way became a challenge.

“We were changing our brand and our look, and our internal structure, and it was all a little chaotic  trying to get everyone on the same page. Every time someone new came in, or a title changed, or a phone number changed we had to work on it with everyone and it got pretty annoying.”

A unified branding strategy


As Wiser grew from a new startup to leaders in pricing automation, their Director of Marketing identified a need for a unified company brand for all communication channels, but found it a challenge to easily integrate the company branding into all external email communications.

Although some team members integrated their signatures with the new company branding, this was difficult to enforce across all teams and company employees. They were looking for a tool which would help them extend their branding for all company employee signatures, whilst also centrally controlling the messages used for a smoother, more unified corporate presence. That’s where WiseStamp email signature management software for business came in.

With WiseStamp’s team solution for Google for Work, startups can brand all corporate emails with their company branding, and add marketing and social media apps to promote what is most important to them.

Team signatures are controlled from one central dashboard, so you can guarantee a unified and professional signature across your whole team (including your unique CTO).

Powtoon, a presentation and video creation startup, use their WiseStamp signature for everyone on their team. Powtoon is a startup that is focused on their clean and fun branding and design element, so by using a unified team signature solution they carry these important branding elements through to their email communication.


Growth hacking- with your email

In 2015, when revenue from Facebook is unpredictable, and Google Ads are getting you minimal click-through rates, your startup should be looking for new ways to market your product with minimal investment and maximum returns.

Whilst you shouldn’t abandon social or search just yet, it is worthwhile to look for alternative ways to push your product, your blog or your latest big news. More and more startups have started to use out of the box marketing methods to growth hack their way to success, including utilizing their team email signatures to promote their latest marketing news.

The question is, can your startup afford to not have a unified and professional team email signature?