5 Elements of a Perfect Email Signature For Your Educational Institution

Displaying a professional email signature is important for each member of your administrative team and faculty. An email signature not only provides your recipients with easy-to-find

Displaying a professional email signature is important for each member of your administrative team and faculty. An email signature not only provides your recipients with easy-to-find contact details but it’s also a great way to share valuable information about your institution, such special recognitions or upcoming events. By optimizing your staff’s email signatures you can transform each email into a marketing opportunity for your school.

Now that you understand the importance of an email signature, you might be wondering how to go about creating one. With WiseStamp corporate email signature manager it’s easy to create a professional looking email signature with standardized settings for all of your staff, using one of our many templates.

Below are the 5 elements that we recommend including in your email signatures:

1. Name, title and department

You want to make it easy for your recipients to quickly identify who you are by including your name, title and department in a prominent place at the bottom of your email. They will probably even check your details in the email signature before reading the contents of the message, so having the information clearly displayed will make it more likely that your email will be carefully read.


2. Contact information

Include all of the relevant contact information for your staff and faculty as well as for your institution.

1. First and last name.
2. Title and department
3. The name of your educational institution
4. The school address
5. Office Phone number
6. Direct phone number
7. Website


3. Links to social networks

If your school has a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or Pinterest page, include links to those accounts in your signature. Let your email recipients know about all of the different locations online that they can find you. If you can encourage your email interactions to extend to a social platform, you are well on your way to creating a deeper connection with your contacts, and stronger ties for your institution.


4. Your school logo and colors

Having your school’s logo and colors included in each of your staff’s signatures provides instant brand recognition. An important detail to keep in mind when adding your logo is that you don’t want it to show up as an email attachment, because the email will then take up extra space in your recipient’s inbox and may deter them from opening the email. But when you use a tool like WiseStamp for Business, the image is added as part of the signature itself and not as an attachment.


5. Staff and Faculty photographs

To give the emails a personal touch, offer your staff and faculty the option to include a professional profile image to their signatures.


These are the 5 basic elements that we recommend adding to your email signatures though you may want to additional information as well.

If your educational institution has received a special recognition then you may want to share with your email contacts s by including it in your signatures. You may also want to include mentions of upcoming events at your school, fundraisers or a new blog posts that you want to bring attention to. Just be careful not to go overboard because an overly-long signature becomes cumbersome and can distract from the content of the email itself.

Does your school use an email signature? What information do you think is essential to include?

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