Why Your Educational Institution Needs A Standardized Email Signature

Hundreds of emails are being sent out each day by your faculty and administrative team; emails to colleagues, students, business associates and staff. Each of these

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Hundreds of emails are being sent out each day by your faculty and administrative team; emails to colleagues, students, business associates and staff. Each of these emails probably contains a different message and tone, depending on the sender and the recipient. But one thing they all have in common is that they are being sent from your school and, therefore, each one represents your institution.

The stakes are high when it comes to your school’s reputation, which is why you want to make sure that all of your staff’s emails are sending the right message. How can you do this? Simply by introducing a standardized email signature for all faculty and staff emails.

Here are 5 reasons why your educational institute should be using standardized email signatures:

1. Professionalism

Imagine how parents or potential donors might feel about receiving an email from a member of your staff that contains a dancing clown on the bottom; or a signature in neon purple letters. They might begin to have some doubt about the professionalism of this employee, and as your school as a whole. Such a situation can be avoided by having a standardized email signature, to be used by everyone working at your institution. Using a tool like WiseStamp for Business, you can pick the template for all the signatures and the information to be included in each one. You can also quickly update all of the signatures to include new information or links, with just a few clicks.

2. Consistency:

When everyone in your administrative team uses the same email signature it makes your school’s emails immediately recognizable to the recipients. Signatures that include your school’s logo and colors, and have a consistent format, become a part of your school’s branding and easily identify the email as coming from your institution.

3. Marketing

By ensuring that your faculty and administrative team are sending out emails that include optimized signatures, you are converting each email that goes out, into a marketing opportunity.

Email signatures can include not only basic contact information, but can also link to your school website, your blog and all of your social media accounts. If your educational institution is promoting an event, or has received a special recognition, you can share these in your signature as well. Use your signature to share additional information that you want others to know about your school.

 4. Accessibility

Make it simple for your email recipients to contact you through the channels that they, and you, prefer, by making your contact information easily accessible. A good email signature makes it easy for your recipient to reach you, or your school, by providing them with all of the information they might need, in a clear and attractive format.

If your contacts are active on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin then they would probably appreciate it if you included in your signature links to your institution’s social accounts, so they can connect with you there as well.

Does your educational institution have a standardized signature? What do you think the benefits are? Tell us about it here!

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Written by Simcha Lazarus
Simcha is WiseStamp’s Content and Community Coordinator. She is a social media enthusiast who loves teaching people how to grow their business online.