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Email signature for owner of company- The 7 Rules You Must Follow

In brief, here’s why business owners should have an email signature:
• It makes it easy for people to reach you
• It makes it clear who you are
• It makes it clear what your company does
• It makes it clear what you want from your recipients
• Adding it is quick and easy!

If you’re an owner of a company, you know that branding your company – and yourself as the owner – is crucial. Use a signature maker to ensure quality results (and save some precious time). Here is a list of tips for creating an email signature for the owner of a company:

Email signature for owner of company  The 7 Rules You Must Follow


Name: Use your middle initial as recent studies show that a middle initial is associated with higher intelligence

Title: In your title, be specific regarding your position with the company (ie. CEO, Owner, Founder…)

Link: Write your business name, and if applicable, its logo and website

Email: Displaying your email address is optional as your email is readily available to the recipient and if he wants to reply, he will just hit ‘reply’ and therefore doesn’t need it as a point of reference for communication.

Photo / Logo: Although optional, it is highly recommended to display a photo giving your email signature a more personal touch. People like to be reminded that there’s a real live person on the other side of the email. If the goal of the email is to brand your business, a logo may be more appropriate

Colors: Mix and match colors to brand your signature and your company

Social: Provide easy access to your social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) enabling the recipient to stay connected with you on a professional and social level


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