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How to add a signature in Outlook

Follow our How-to guide to create a signature in Outlook with an image/logo, hyperlink,  and social media icons, browse professional Outlook signature templates, or use our Outlook Signature Creator to get beautiful results, fast.

Create Outlook signature

Short answer

How to add or change signature in Outlook

  1. Go to Outlook desktop app search box > Type in “signature” and click the “Signature” result
  2. Click the “New” button > Give your signature a name
  3. Use the signature editor to add text, links, and images
  4. Set auto-signatures for your New messages and Forward/Reply from the menus on the right-side of the signature settings window > Click OK

See detailed guide for your specific version of Outlook:

Create a professional Outlook signature: 

Professional Outlook email signature | Made with WiseStamp

How to add a signature in Outlook (with an image, hyperlink, social media icons & more)

Complete the following 5 steps to set up an email signature in Outlook 2013-2019. For smaller and more specific problem-solving concerning email signature for outlook, jump to the FAQ section at the bottom.


Open Outlook’s in-app editor

how to add Outlook 2019 and 2016 and 2013 email signature - search settings

Go to the search box at the top-left side of your Outlook screen and type in “signature” > Click on the “Signature” result that appears > click on “Signature” from the dropdown menu and you’ll be prompted to set a signature in Outlook using the in-app signature editor.


Create a new Outlook signature

Create new signature in Outlook

Click on the “New” button to create a new signature for your email

Give your new signature a name (use a name that describes this specific signature well, in case you create multiples signatures in the future)

NOTE: If you already know you’ll need multiple Outlook signatures, go see our guide on how to create multiple Outlook signatures and how to manage them.


Add your Outlook signature

Outlook-2013-and-2016-and-2019-edit-signature- add hyperlink

Type in your full name, your job title and your contact information.

A good Outlook signature structure would be something like this:

John L. Due
Associate Partner at Astoria Law Firm NY
301 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022

Add a hyperlink:

To add a hyperlink, select any text (for example, the website address from my example above) and click the link icon from the right hand side of the tool strip.

Now enter the URL you want the text to link to and hit OK.

Make your telephone number clickable:

In the example image I made the telephone number clickable by adding a special kind of hyperlink.

Instead of adding a URL, like before, I entered the phone number with the prefix “tel:”, like this – “tel:1-800-800-800”.

Make your local address clickable:

If you run a brick and mortar business you can also gain from making your address clickable. You can set it up so when clicked on, it brings up Google maps navigation.

All you need to do is find your business on Google Maps and hit the “Directions” button > then copy the URL from the address box.

Select the address in your Outlook signature and click the link icon like before. Now add the URL you took from Google Maps, and click OK.


You can use the editor’s toolbar to add a table and organize your personal information in other ways. But tables can break in different device sizes, so make sure to keep your signature under 360px in width.


Add an image

add a signature in Outlook-2013-and-2016-and-2019-edit-signature with an image
  1. Click your cursor where you want to place your signature image
  2. Click the image icon in the right hand side of the tool strip
  3. Upload the image from your computer

Resize the image:

To resize your image according to your prefered signature design, simply click on the image and drag any of the black squares on the image corners.

Make your image clickable:

Select your image with your cursor and click the link icon from the tool strip > insert the URL you wish the image to link to and hit OK.


You may have noticed that the signature in my example above is much richer than the simple Outlook signature we made during this guide. That’s because it’s structured in HTML, with a some complex code.

But that wasn’t a problem, because I didn’t code it myself. I made it with WiseStamp signature creator. To get a beautiful professional signature in your Outlook in 2-5 minutes try our free Outlook Signature Creator.

If you like doing things yourself, and you’re not daunted by HTML, you can follow our guide for manually adding an HTML signature in Outlook.

But, you’ll be hard-pressed to make a signature like in the example with only the Outlook in-app signature editor.


Set auto Outlook signatures

Microsoft Office Outlook auto signature

In order to add a signature to Outlook automatically, you are given a choice whether or not you want your signature to appear in your New messages and/or in your Forward and Reply messages. Doing this is fairly straightforward.

I) Go to the top-right corner of your Outlook editor.

There you’ll find 2 dropdown menus, one for setting an auto signature for your New messages and one for your Forward/Reply messages. Each menu should house all your available signatures.

II) Choose the signature you wish to appear for each message type.

If you feel that your Outlook signature is done, click “OK” to save your work. To see your new signature in Outlook, simply open a new message. Your new signature will appear at the bottom.

III) Manage your signatures directly from the Message window by clicking on the “Signature” button in the top ribbon. From there you will be able to choose the signature you required for any given email.

NOTE: This guide doesn’t end here. If you want to learn how to add special features to your signature like, images, links, and videos, keep reading.


Create a rich signature with social icons, buttons and more

Email signature anatomy - by wisestamp

To enrich your Outlook email signature further – continue to any of our 1-minute guides for adding special features.

Adding the right components to your signature can help you expose more information about yourself and showcase your professionalism.

You can add a personal touch by adding a nice picture of yourself, or a more serious business touch by adding your company logo.

You can pull people into engaging with you on other platforms by offering your corresponding links to your social media channels.

You can add a funny quote to end your email or automatically add “regards” in Outlook below your email signature, to make sure you sing off respectfully every time.

Whatever you decide to add, we’re here to help you make the most of your email signoff

Easily generate your signature with our Outlook Signature Creator

WiseStamp online email signature creator
  • Go to WiseStamp’s free Outlook Signature Creator
  • Add your professional details.
  • Go to the Templates tab > Choose a designed template.
  • Go to the Social tab > add social media icons and links.
  • Go to the Design tab > refine the design for your signature dividers, icons, and photo.
  • Go to the Add-ons tab > add buttons, banners, legal disclaimer, Instagram gallery, and more useful features. You can add an image or a logo and a lot more.
  • Click “OK I’m done”, and you’re set.

A good looking Outlook signature will make you look more professional than your peers

If you’re like most of us office workers, you most likely send out a lot of emails every day. Having only the content of your email to judge you by, many people will look to the way you write and present yourself to assess your credibility and competence.

This is why giving yourself a respectable Outlook signature is a good idea. Done right an Outlook signature can make a memorable professional impression on your reader and help you get their trust and respect.



How can I create multiple signatures in Outlook?


Adding multiple signatures in Outlook is different for web and desktop apps. For Outlook 365 and OWA, it is not possible to add multiple signatures but you can bypass this using the “My templates” feature – learn how

For the Outlook desktop versions you can add as many signatures as you’d like from the integrated app editor – learn how. But the best and easiest way is to use the Wisestamp free Outlook signature creator.


How can I add an image or logo to my Outlook signature?


You have 2 main options for adding an image in Outlook. The first (more complicated and less rewarding) option is to access your Outlook app signature editor and upload an image from your computer- learn how.

Note: to do this well, you’ll need to know HTML and understand design.


How can I make my Outlook mobile signature the same as my desktop?


The short answer is – you can’t. Outlook mobile apps for Android and iOS don’t permit making an HTML signature. They don’t even permit adding images. Your best option is to make a simple text signature.


How can I manage my company-wide Outlook signatures?


For managing your team’s Outlook signatures you’ll need special software for Office 365 email signature management. Wisestamp has the world’s leading signature manager for Office 365. It’s the only one with an extension that auto-syncs your Outlook desktop and web app signatures for your entire organization with 1 click and no manual copy-paste set up


How do I make a cool Outlook signature?


The easiest way for making a cool Outlook signature is by using an Outlook signature maker. The best signature maker for this is Wisestamp since it has over 20 different add-on and features that allow you to customize your signature to fit your needs. You can add GIF banners, custom buttons, a handwritten signature, and much more – see some cool examples here.


How to design my signature in Outlook?


There are 3 ways to design your Outlook email signature:

  1. By using your Outlook app’s integrated editor, this may not be the best-looking signature.
  2. By using an Outlook email signature generator like WiseStamp. This will be the prettiest and simplest option.
  3. Create a design in Photoshop or Figma and use your design in image format or code your design in HTML. This option is for professionals.


How do I customize my signature in Outlook?


Outlook allows you to customize your signature through the signature editor integrated into their app (both web and desktop). This editor is not very dynamic so your ability to create a good looking or functional signature is quite limited. 

To learn how to do this for Outlook web, for Outlook 2013-2019, and for Outlook 2007-2010. If you’re looking for a less tech-savvy way, consider trying Wisestamp’s Outlook signature generator – it does much more in much less effort.


How to change my Outlook signature?


  1. Open Outlook and Click on FIle from the top menu.
  2. Select Options from the side menu that opens
  3. Click on Mail at the left corner of the Options window
  4. Click on “Signatures” where is says “Create or modify signatures for messages”
  5. In the signature settings window, select a signature and make your changes


Where do I find the Outlook signature settings?


  1. Open your Outlook Desktop app.
  2. Open a new message window.
  3. Click the Signature option in the top ribbon > Then click Signatures.
  4. The Signature settings window will open.


What size and dimensions should my Outlook signature be?


The best Outlook signature size should change with the size of the screen your reader is using. To be sure that your signature fonts into most screens, make it no more than 650 pixels wide and 80-150 pixels high. All WiseStamp signature templates conform to these dimensions.


Where can I get an Outlook signature sample?


You can get access to lots of free Outlook signature templates and samples by browsing WiseStamp’s Outlook template gallery. You can find inspiration for your signature there. Another place for virtually limitless options is within the WiseStamp Outlook signature creator


How do I update my Outlook signature?


Update signature from Outlook settings:

  1. Type “Signature” in your in-app search box > Click on “Signature”
  2. In the signature setting window, select the signature you wish to update and make your desired changes

Update signature with WiseStamp:

  1. Open WiseStamp > Select the signature you wish to update (if you have more than one)
  2. Flip though the tabs to update anything from your personal info to social icons or rich addons.

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