The 5 Key Elements You Should Include in Your Digital Marketing Team Signature

The emails that you send out each day are more than just a method of communication. With a fully optimized email signature, each email also becomes

The emails that you send out each day are more than just a method of communication. With a fully optimized email signature, each email also becomes a powerful marketing opportunity.

By creating a standardized email signature for your marketing team, you will ensure that each email your marketers send out will send a positive message about your company and brand.

Wondering what to include in your email signatures? These are the 5 elements that we recommend:

1. Your Name & Title

Including your name and job title at the bottom of your email makes it easy for your recipients to immediately identify who the email is from. Yes, your name is probably in the email address itself and at the end of your message, but if your recipient isn’t expecting to hear from you the email signature will make it simple for them to quickly figure out who you are.

marketing email signature with name and title

 2. Contact information

Make it as easy as possible for your recipients to contact you and your company by including all of the important contact details in your signature.

  • Office phone number
  • Direct cell phone numbers
  • Company website

You may choose to include your email address as well, though this practice is becoming less common since your recipient simply needs to hit “reply” to send you an email.


3. Social Media links

Let your email recipients know where they can find your company online by including links to your social accounts, such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. If you have accounts on many different platforms you would probably be best off choosing to include just a few of them.

4. Your Company Logo

Increase brand awareness by including your company’s logo in your team’s email signature. An important detail to keep in mind when adding your logo is that you don’t want it to show up as an email attachment, which why it’s a good idea to use a tool like WiseStamp email signature manager, which adds the image as part of the signature itself.


And in the same vein, design your team email signature using your company’s colors, which will also further your message of brand unity.

5. Employee photos

Allow your employees to add a professional profile photo of themselves to their email signatures to help give the email a bit of a personal touch.

Marketer's email signature

These are the 5 basic elements that we recommend adding to your email signatures though you are welcome to add other information as well.

If your company has received a special recognition then you may want to share with your clients by including it in your signatures. You may also want to include mentions of upcoming events that your company is hosting, special promotions or a new blog posts that you want to bring attention to. Just be careful not to go overboard because an overly-long signature becomes cumbersome and can distract from the content of the email itself.

Does your marketing team use an email signature? What information do you think is essential to include?


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