Drive Traffic to Your Blog Simply by Using Your email Signature

Writing a blog?
So you’ve got yourself a Blog! Cool, now all you have to do is find readers…

Not so simple, ah?
Well, fortunately, you can transform your email signature into a reader-magnet. Just think of the fact that you send about a million emails daily. Use them as a super efficient marketing tool and attract the people you email to your blog using your signature!
Here are 6 simple tips to create an email signature that works for your blog:

  1. Link– Add a link to your blog in your email signature.
  2. Feed new – Include your updating blog feed (RSS) in your signature. (see below)
  3. Logo-Add your blog/brand logo.
  4. Icon– Add an icon linking to your blog or blog RSS.
  5. Text– create a title for your feed such as (we bet you can be more creative than that!):
    • “Read my blog:”
    • “My latest post:”
    • “Visit my blog-“
    • “My tweets-“
    • “Reality bites-“
    • “What was I up to-“
  6. Social-Include all your Social media info (twitter, facebook, linkedin etc..) to network with your blog readers and demonstrate your social identity.

WiseStamp, a Firefox extension, enables you to do all this and much more for free!
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Sample WiseStamp blog signature:

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Simply by Using Your email Signature

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