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Use Your Email Signature to Find Readers for Your Blog

If you’re going to write a blog, you need readers for it. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t have readers, then the effort you’re putting into the writing is more or less for nothing. Fortunately, you can get readers quite easily. There is a low-cost solution with high returns called the “email signature.”

Now, you are probably very aware of what email signatures are. You know that they are that text that automatically shows up at the bottom of an email. You’ll notice that there is a name, a title, a company name, a web address, and business contact information there. There may also be other types of information, such as promotions and other contact information that includes social networking and instant messaging IDs.

But how does this promote your blog?

When you are emailing individuals throughout your week, you can attach your signature to your email and those individuals can learn about your blog that way. If you don’t have the time to carry out heavy blog promotion, then this is a way for you to do two things at once. You can send your business email and promote your blog all at the same time. In turn, this will bring traffic to your blog. If you’re already getting traffic, then this can increase traffic very easily.

However, it is important that you make sure your email signature is not a disaster. This means not packing it full of information because you feel like you have to tell your email recipients about EVERYTHING. There are ways that you can condense information, such as creating a page on your blog or your website that has a list of the social networking sites you are a member of. Instead of listing them all in your signature, you can insert one link that goes to this page.

And if you really want your signature to look great, you can try WiseStamp for email signatures, which is an extension that allows you to customize a very professional business signature and attach it to the emails that you send through gmail, yahoo, AOL Mail, and Hotmail, Windows live mail. You can also create multiple email signatures if you have multiple blogs and you wish to appeal to a certain group of individuals.

In other words, going about it this way gives you a very professional email signature that is easy to make sense of, is enticing, and will ensure that traffic to your blog is increased significantly.

So it is important to never underestimate the power of the email signature and realize that it is a very valuable marketing tool for any and every industry out there. If you have a business, blog, or website and you send email, then an email signature is going to help you do the job.

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