Slideshare Signature-How to automatically link to my latest Presentation on slideshare in all my email's with WiseStamp email signature?

Slideshare-How to share Presentations in Signature?

With WiseStamp email signature you can easily add in your email signature a link to your latest Slideshare How to share Presentations in Signature?  Slideshare uploaded presentation (or presentation of other users & groups).

Follow those simple steps:

  1. Install WiseStamp email signature (Firefox addon).
  2. Login to your Slideshare profile and select the “My Slidespace” tab.
  3. Select one of the following options: Slideshows, Favorits
  4. At the very bottom of that page find and copy (Ctrl+C) the RSS icon link (see image).
  5. Open WiseStamp in your browser.
  6. Select the “RSS” tab and insert (Ctrl+V) the copied link into the “feed url” filed.
  7. Click on the Apply button.

That’s it!
* Slideshare has many kinds of feeds, you can get slideshows feeds by choosing ‘tag’, ‘Latest’, ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Featured’, ‘Most Zinged’, ‘Most Favorited’ and using the RSS icon link in the bottom footer of each page. You can present a particular user’s slideshows using the RSS icon marked ‘Subscribe to user’.

After the following steps the link to your latest slidespace will update automatically with WiseStamp email signature.

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