How can I use my email signature to find a new job?

In today’s economic climate, many of us find ourselves looking for a new job, a better position or snoop the job market “just in case”.

Your email signature can be an efficient tool in landing that dream job of yours. In this short article we’ll examine some of the options you have.
To start off you need to decide if you are openly looking for a new job or is your search discrete.

If you are publicly looking for a new job:

  • Both ResumeBucket and VisualCV let you create a free online resume. All you need to do  is link to your resume in your email signature.
  • You can change the title before the social icons to say something like “I’m looking for new opportunities”
  • Add a LinkedIn email app – this will allow people to easily view your profile and appreciate your experience
  •  Are you a Freelancer? You can open a profile @ DoNanza that will let people hire you straight from your signature
How can I use my email signature to find a new job?


If you are secretly looking for a job you’ll have to be more ambiguous about it:
  • Start off with adding the LinkedIn email app– make sure your LinkedIn profile make it comfortable to people to contact you with job offers. e.g. keep your profie available for:
    • career opportunities
    • consulting offers
    • new ventures
    • etc.
  • Consider writing a blog. Than, use the RSS email app to show your latest post. If your posts show your quality and skill, when you email potential employers they might be impressed and contact you
  • Set a personal email signature leading to your online resume as explained above. Make sure only to email it to your trusted friends and family and ask them to be discrete about it!
Good luck and let’s hope you are a few emails away from a job that will make you wake up smiling!
How can I use my email signature to find a new job?


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