In response to today’s crowded job market and evolving economy, everyone is looking for new and creative ways to market themselves. Faced with more competition than ever before, working professionals, freelancers and business owners are becoming smarter about how to reach and impress their audiences.

How are they doing it? The answer is surprisingly simple. Instead of opting for expensive, hi-tech marketing solutions, more and more professionals are discovering the power of a simple yet effective marketing tool that has been around for decades:
The email signature.

Email Signatures 2.0

We’ve all seen what a traditional email signature looks like. In its most basic form, a signature serves to close an email and present the sender’s contact information—nothing that impressive. But, today’s professionals are getting wise and using the “dynamic” email signature, which transforms a plain, old template into a visual masterpiece that features interactive content.

Dynamic email signatures not only have professional template designs, they also use apps to feature products from your ecommerce store, content from your social media as well as useful tools like banner announcements and meeting schedulers. Take a look at this example of a dynamic email signature:

SALE banner

“First impressions are everything,” says Noa Dror, an HR specialist, “and the very first impression we get of you is when you send an email. That’s why I advise professionals to use a professional email signature; it’s a simple way to make a big impression.”

“When a job applicant has a great signature, it instantly draws my eye,” Dror explains. “And the best signatures not only look good but also link to important content, like the applicant’s LinkedIn page, blog or Twitter account.”

According to researchers, a dynamic email signature increases email engagement by more than 20 percent and boosts email reply rates by more than 30 percent.

email signature

“Businesses and professionals often waste time, money and energy on marketing tools that don’t get the results they want,” explains Daniel Zweig, Head of Business Development at WiseStamp, an email signature tool with nearly 1 million users. “But the beauty of dynamic email signatures is that they produce impressive results with a minimal investment of your resources. For the cost of your monthly Starbucks tab, you can get a stunning signature and create it in less than two minutes.”

How to Make a Dynamic Email Signature

With the help of WiseStamp’s email signature maker, you can quickly and easily create a professionally designed signature—like the examples below— without any HTML or graphic design skills.

Instagram fashion designer

Latest BLOG

Simply follow these steps:

1. Enter contact info: Start by entering your details, social media links and uploading your photo or brand logo. You can even combine both into an animated GIF

2. Choose a template: Next, choose a template from WiseStamp’s gallery of professional designs. There’s something for every style and profession.

3. Customize the look: Then customize it. Choose from a variety of font types and sizes, adjust your photo format, and pick the color that fits your brand.

4. Add apps:  Apps make your signature interactive and dynamic. They seamlessly add social content, banners, utilities, visual media and so much more right into your signature.

Email Marketing Still Wins

The world of online marketing is constantly evolving and won’t slow down any time soon. But, among all the online marketing tools, strategies and services that continue to develop, email marketing is still the most effective channel. After all, we are a culture of email senders: Studies show that the average professional sends over 70 emails a day, which means 70 potential customers.

Given these statistics, it’s critical to market yourself with each and every email you send.

“There are not many products I use daily and those that I do eventually become irrelevant as they are replaced by someone bigger and better,” says marketing influencer and CMO of ZCast Hillel Fuld. “Wisestamp is different. I’ve been using it for years, and have been getting awesome feedback on my signature for years.”

Fortunately, professionals are starting to recognize the value of having a powerful email signature when it comes to branding themselves and growing their careers or business.

“I’ve seen people launch careers and businesses with their email signatures,” says WiseStamp CEO Orly Izhaki. “This simple yet powerful tool gives them a sleek, branded look and the confidence to conduct business like the professionals they truly are. They don’t need a huge marketing budget or staff to make a lasting impression. They just need the right tools.”