Many WiseStampers have sent us requests to partner and support additional social services. We are happy to let you know about some of our latest additions and believe you will find them both functional and useful. So.. by popular demand here they come:
Quora is a great platform to submit questions and receive answers from friends as well as expert. You can follow interesting topics as well as show your expertise in a field by answering questions in the topics you have a ‘know how’ about. Now, you can easily share and present your expertiese in every email you send, simply by adding your personal Quora profile to your WiseStamp signature – Learn how to add your Quora profile. is your customized profile page and a personal analytics dashboard. profile pages are simple to create and their design is gorgeous. You can easily present all of your social profiles in one splash page and create an online business card. This is exactly what made a natural WiseStamp integration – Learn how to add your Page.
Foursquare is one of the most popular and growing Geo location services. Check-ins along with the fun and amusement of gaining badges and special local deals and coupons made this service super popular. You asked for it and now you can easily link to your Foursquare profile and show off your badges and latest checkins via your WiseStamp signature – Learn how to link your Foursquare url. There is more from where these came from… We keep integrating and partnering with additional services and we can’t wait to tell you about them, so stay tuned for our upcoming posts… Did we forget your favorite Social service? Is there a service you feel we must partner with? Send us your suggestions and we will do our best to make it happen!
FourSquare email signature with Twitter email app