An email signature is a small yet powerful marketing tool. It is one of the most eye-popping elements people see on the screen and it paints their perception of your whole brand. Used to its maximum potential, it speaks volumes about your business and supports a wide array of promotional efforts.

So, make no mistake: this is a chance to make a solid first impression, uncover your human face, and connect with recipients. That is no small feat in the age of immense online noise and overflowing inboxes that put users at their wits’ end.

A Powerful Marketing Vehicle

Beyond everything else, an email signature is a cost-effective marketing tool for spreading brand awareness. It is a recurring element that recipients see over and over again. Thus, it gets imprinted in their minds, developing trust and recognition over a long haul. The beauty of it is that you can achieve these goals in a way that is subtle and nonintrusive. This certainly cannot be said about pesky display ads.

You organically brand your email communication and make it more consistent. In the long-term, this strategy results in stronger authority and reputation. You are able to avoid users shunning your emails because they appear spammy. So, to reap these benefits, institute a company-wide, click-worthy signature that reflects your brand.

You are going to use it to market your product or service to the target audience and get your messages across.

Smart Personal Touches

Furthermore, let us not forget that in this day and age, sending bulk emails to everyone does not cut it. Email personalization is the name of the game and signatures allow you go get on top of it. You can start implementing this tactic by pulling available consumer data across channels and extracting valuable insights. This enables you to target different people with customized signatures, effectively amplifying your messages and improving engagement rates.

And you do not even have to go out of your way to do it. Namely, it is much easier to add all updated information to the signature instead of forwarding it every time. This information can take many different forms: new promotions, services, free consultations, event info, discounts, free trials, blog content, product demos, and latest corporate news. Virtually anything that delivers value to consumers can be embodied in a signature.

One other great thing about signatures is that you do not have to hire designers and developers to add them to email footer. There is a plenty of excellent templates, generators, and editors to explore. You should, however, consider outsourcing tasks related to crafting the crown jewel of your brand, the logo. You need to find the perfect one for your brand and that’s not an easy task. There are many agencies out there, so it is recommended to go through a list of logo design agencies before choosing the one that will understand your needs.  You will want to work with an agency that will make your brand insignia instantly recognizable and attention-arresting.

Establishing Goals

The crucial step is to determine what the core message you want to capture with the signature is.  To do it, you have to set tangible goals and identify your target audience. In general, most brands aim at the following goals:

  • Making contact info clearly visible
  • Driving traffic to the site/blog/social accounts/podcast episodes, etc.
  • Promoting content/offerings/news
  • Portraying the brand in the best possible light

Once objectives are marked, start whittling down the information you want to feature. Adhere to the tried and tested rules for creating signatures, such as “6 Cs”: conform, contact, certify, connect, communicate, and comply. Refrain from sending people to pricing and pages that seem like pure sale pitches.

Ongoing Optimization

There are many other ways to fine-tune your signatures.

For instance, it pays off to focus on proper text structure, as well as colors and fonts. These facets can help your signature really stand out. The same goes for high-quality photos, graphical advertisements, awards, certifications, and calls-to-action. Feel free to use employee-specific names and titles and display various content and contact details.

Remember that with a dynamic email signature, you can also pull content from your social media accounts into your signature. Finally, it is possible to include media such as promotional videos to email signature banner by adding apps with your email signature generator. This tactic helps drive more viewers and subscribers. One thing to avoid, though, is making your signature too cluttered. Always present a clean layout and keep information accurate and up-to-date.

The takeaway is clear: cover all your bases and integrate signatures into your overarching digital strategy without overwhelming your audience.

Put the Best Face Forward

It is quite astonishing how much value can be packed in a small thing: it holds the power to create a positive, professional image and reinforce your branding and marketing efforts. So, do not let it be an afterthought. Establish goals you want to accomplish and carefully select information and elements for the signature. Define your own distinctive style that echoes your brand identity.

The ultimate trick is to combine signature with other pieces of the email marketing puzzle— banners, enticing offers, calls-to-action, etc. Likewise, it is one instrument in the arsenal of promotional channels for spreading the word and transmitting your messages. If you mean business, it is time to elevate your email campaigns and propel your brand forward.

Larry Reed is a Technical Writer for Design Rush and contributor to various small business and marketing resources.